The Company provides a quality service to clients for:-

• Advice on Inheritance Tax Planning – see Inheritance Tax Guide.
• Advice on Wills and production of documents – see Wills & Will Choices Guide.
• Advice on creation and administration of Trusts and production of documentation – see Trusts Guide.
• Advice on creation and administration of Powers of Attorney (and Advance Decisions) – see Power of Attorney Guide.
• Consultation and advice on obtaining Grants of Representation (Probate or Letters of Administration) and the administration of Estates – see Probate Guide.

In most circumstances this will involve at least one face-to-face meeting with clients at a location and at a time convenient to them in order to record information, give advice and guidance, and to take instructions. Normally a second visit is necessary to complete any signing formalities for documents prepared.

The cost depends very much on complexity of advice and documentation plus time involved including travelling. All fees are agreed with clients before proceeding and paid on completion. Prices include free document storage for 12 months on documents produced (if required by clients).